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Nuclear Blast 20th Anniversary: Into The Light

Дата релиза: 1 июня 2006 года


CD 1

  1. Dirty wings (feat. Tobias Sammet/Edguy)
  2. Terrified (feat. Peter "Peavy" Wagner/Rage)
  3. Ruling the world (feat. Toni Kakko/Sonata Arctica)
  4. Death is alive (feat. Mats Leven/Therion)
  5. Bloodsucker (feat. Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer/Destruction)
  6. Slaves to the desert (feat. Hansi Kursch/Blind Guardian)
  7. A perfect day (feat. Andi Deris/Helloween)
  8. Eterneally (feat. Odleif Stensland/Communic)
  9. Inner sanctuary (feat. Marco Hietala/Nightwish & Tarot)
  10. In the picture (feat. Tarja Turunen)

CD 2

  1. Hammerfall "Hearts on fire"
  2. Helloween "The madness of the crowds" (Japan-Bonus 'Dark Rid')
  3. Gotthard "El traidor" (Anytime, anywhere spanish version)
  4. After Forever "Sweet enclosure"
  5. Ride The Sky "new protection" (new band of Uli Kusch - ex-Helloween)
  6. Thunderstone "Forevermore"
  7. Threshold "Slipstream"
  8. Amorphis "The Smoke"
  9. Candlemass "Devil Seed" (brandnew song)